What should I do after I committed a crime


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Legally? You should hire a criminal defense attorney, tell him or her what outcome you want, answer all of his or her questions truthfully and as completely as you can, and then follow his or her advice to the letter.

Morally? You should proceed with all deliberate haste to the nearest police station and turn yourself in.

Practically? Refrain from talking about having committed crimes, especially on the Internet.

Thats what people do legally, morally or practically, As an attorney, I agree to disagree, what comes after commited a crime you will never know, so try to do it properly legally or illegally.

If your intensions are about to commit crime then stay sharp for lawsiteblog jail break.

Today I will tell you the most important factors about how to get away with crime legally or illegally,

The first thing you need to know your lawyer is not trustworthy, Lawyer who represent you will not able to support your case in a perfect way, they just interpret it, you have to support yourself by making points in the case.

Lets suppose you want to commit a murder, before commiting a crime these are the points you have to keep in mind, how you want to murder anyone with clean chit.

Let me tell you in points:

1- Buy a case law references book, there are many precedents and old murder case laws which will help you to make conspiracy of commiting murder.

2- Second Advice, No one is your friend not even your counsel.

3- Read every document carefully written by your counsel.

4- If you are considering to commit crime, then get away from your emotions.

5- Clean the premises where you commit crime.

6- Do not leave the evidence.

7- Make your story and dont change a word.

8- You commited a crime, you are a criminal so you dont have to be emotional infront of anyone.

9- Be rude with police, Do not answer in explaination, just say Yes or No

10- Trust yourself, law is by way of precedents and case references.

Commit a crime with plaining

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