The Turkish President announces to frozen two US ministers’ assets

The Turkish President announces to frozen two US ministers' assets
Turkish president

(Lawsiteblog) The Turkish President announces to frozen two US ministers’ assets:

Addressing the women’s wing ceremony in the ruling party, the international media reports to warned the United States, that they believe that they will push Turkey back by pushing restrictions, pushes and threats. They do not know the Turkish people right now.
You must read: “Do not advertise as much as you want to advertise on TV,” Imran Khan claimed to have told that everyone would be stoned.

The Turkish President said he had instructed authorities to freeze the assets of two US ministers in response to the sanctions, after the decree, the US Minister is being blamed for the assets of the law and the Minister of Turkey. Interior Minister and Minister of Law do not take office, but at present, Rine Zinci Secretary Interior and Jeff Sessions are performing duties of Attorney General. Last week, the United States has called for imposing more sanctions on Turkey by frozen the assets of two Turkish ministers in their country. Tension on the American pastor Andrew Burnes between the two NATO countries is found. The American pastor has been sentenced to a crime-related relationship with “Fatio” in connection with a terrorist-based organization and a conspiracy of failed military rebellion in Turkey.

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