Square Acquires Weebly for $365 Million


The payment platform Square is acquiring Weebly, the website builder, for $365 million. This acquisition will help Square expand globally with Weebly’s 625,000 paid subscribers outside of the U.S. The majority of the Weebly team will be joining the Square team.

Fitbit is partnering with Google to send health data to doctors. Fitbit will now have access to a new software tool from Google Cloud and will encourage more integration of data in the health-care industry. The doctors will monitor both electronic and real-time health data records.

Maverick, a free social networking app that connects young girls with female mentors, raised $2.7 million. The app lets users express their creativity in a safe space by browsing through different challenges young women face. Maverick also plans on holding a series of live events across the country.

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