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Have you ever wondered why you would need an immigration lawyer? Are they so important? Maybe you even felt like it was a waste of resources and that it’s a task you could as well accomplish on your own. Well, many are in the same dilemma. Some have even have tried to go it alone… and ended up failing badly!

There are several situations that may require the knowledge and skill of an experienced immigration lawyer. For instance, if the USCIS believes that you’ve committed a crime in the recent past, you may be deemed inadmissible. Other situations often revolve around paperwork. Even simple mistakes on your paperwork can see your application returned, delayed, or even rejected.

Here are 5reasons why you need an immigration lawyer:

  • Representation at interviews

Most immigration applications will require that you attend at least one interview session. You don’t want to go to the interview without a clue of what is going on and that’s where the immigration lawyer comes handy. They will walk you through the whole procedure of the interview. They probably also know a few questions that you could be asked at the interview, so they can coach you on the best way to answer such questions.

  • They prepare all your applications and petitions

Before your application is approved, there is usually a host of documentation to go through and several forms and petitions to handle. The attorney already has experience dealing with such situations and will ensure that the strongest case is presented for you. He/she will also help you prepare the documents necessary to support your petition. Whether its questionnaires, declarations or any other document, you’re always better off working with someone who has handled them before.

  • Resolution of issues on travel cards, visas, etc

Another reason why it’s better to work with an experienced immigration lawyer is because of petty issues such as naturalization. You could go in circles the whole day for a passport application in the US if you tried to go through the process on your own! But if you have an immigration attorney, they will take the burden off your shoulders. It’s not like the problem becomes smaller when the attorney takes charge; it’s just that they are more efficient because it’s something they’ve been doing for a long time. You can be sure to solve your visa and green card problems faster and more efficiently.

  • The immigration lawyer will interpret all immigration laws to you

An immigration lawyer will always explain to you in detail every statement of the immigration law. Apart from this, they will also argue every petition in your favor. It then becomes easier as you get through the petition because you can understand and follow proceedings. If you can find the right attorney, it can be the difference between forceful eviction and obtaining a legal status in the land.

  • An attorney can help you with a failed application

Finally, you should hire an immigration lawyer if your first application failed because they can always try to see if the situation can be remedied and how to go about it. They will look at the problem and how grave it is and if they feel that you should have had a fairer hearing, they can go back to the process and put up a new case for you.


So, if you’re considering applying for an immigrant visa or a green card in the United States, you should just find an immigration lawyer to help.

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