Environmental Legislation in Bahrain


-The present essay is the product of a thourough research, conducted for long period and presented in Bahrain –

It is true that the commercial and industrial developments are the main reasons for why the countries progress. But, it also brings some adverse effects for the environment. As industries emit the dangerous gases which not only results in the raising of temperature but also makes air unhealthy to breathe. It not only creates the long lasting problems for the human species but for other animals as well whether they are living in the water or open air. We should must focus on the preservation of the ecosystem while concentrating on the other development projects. It can be done by introducing laws that should set the baseline of standards for this purpose such as treating of waste gases to make it less harmful before releasing it into the atmosphere. We should also try to keep environment neat and clean at the individual level as well such as avoiding of throwing plastic bags or other items into the water bodies. The kingdom of Bahrain have also taken some steps in this regard.

The real steps were taken in this regard, after the establishment of Environmental Affairs Agency, a subsidiary Ministry of Housing, Municipalities and Environment in 1983. The way toward making and upholding ecological enactment in Bahrain began when the Government framed the Environmental Protection Committee (EPC) in 1983 which was later moved up to an undeniable Environmental Affairs (EA) office. In light of the Legislative Decree No. 21 of 1996, two fundamental directorates were shaped to be specific The Directorate of Environmental Assessment and Planning and The Directorate of Environmental Control. The EA was later overhauled and at exhibit is the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) which is overseeing and observing of the natural assets of the nation headed by H.E. Dr. Mohamed Mubarek canister Daina, as Chief Executive.

The preservation of environment has been given a priority to some extent in Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 and the National Strategic Master Plan 2030. According to one legislation, anyone looking to set up an office or industry in the nation needs to acquire a ‘No Objection’ allow from the SCE, fulfilling the prerequisites of crude materials, items, by-items, solid, fluid and unsafe waste, chemicals, asset use (power, fuel, gas, water and so on.). They are required to present an announcement demonstrating that their undertaking/action wouldn’t hurt the occupational and general wellbeing and effect the delicate national natural assets. The modern foundations are frequently being gone to by the natural experts and overseers to check their consistence with the different ecological properties. The rebelliousness regularly prompts alerts and rehashed offense prompts cancelation of the Commercial Registration License. The SCE defines rules, direction, strategies, benchmarks and enactment for the control of any type of contamination, security at enterprises, squander administration and protection of natural assets.

The kingdom of Bahrain have tried to protect the ecosystem in the usage of oil, water, gas and other natural resources. It has also been moving towards the clean energy production. The Government Initiative Committee has been established for this purpose which proposed the use of CFL lights for the houses and buildings and use of LED lights for roads or traffic signals. It also put forward the construction power plant of about 5MW using the solar cells, a clean energy source. The resolution for environment standards (Air and Water) was also passed in 2001. It controls the leakage in pipes within buildings as well as proposed to treat the water before using it to irrigate the crops. The promulgation and implementation of resolution No.10 of 2006 – concerning the installation of direct monitoring of air pollutants. According to this, five monitoring stations were established in different parts of the country which works day and night.

The Kingdom of Bahrain slowly but steadily is moving towards creating a cleaner environment and has taken a lot of steps in this regard. But, there is a need to do more. The gases being emitted from the cars and other vehicles are the major source of pollution but no work has been done in this direction. Like this, there are many other areas which needs to be addressed.

By Nikolaos Anagnostakis.

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