Crime Rates and Statistics in Las Vegas


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Crime Rates and Statistics in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a fantastic city to visit. Its amazing attractions and glorious ambiance will make anyone feel like they have found the best place on earth. The only downside is that it is not a very safe place to live in. Forbes ranked it as the 19th most dangerous city in America, while USA Today placed it as third among the most dangerous American cities in 2013.

For years, the city and its surrounding communities have been filled with violent crimes like homicide, domestic violence, and robbery. Just last year, Las Vegas encountered one of the deadliest crimes in America’s history: a mass shooting perpetrated by Stephen Paddock that caused 59 casualties and 851 injuries.

If it happens that you are looking to visit or move in the city, it is wise to have the help of a Las Vegas criminal attorney ready:

Las Vegas crime history

The city’s crime rate is different every year but they are consistently high. In 2013, there were approximately 97 murder cases, 705 rape assaults, and 4,072 robberies recorded. While last 2016, there were about 84 murders and 222 homicides. Most of these crimes were related to gun violence, domestic violence, and police brutality.

By 2017, there were 168 homicides investigated, but the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stated that there was a dip in crime rate even with the October 1 Las Vegas shooting which they ruled as an isolated event and not reflective of the entire statistics of the city. Still, it happened in the soil of Las Vegas and many are still wary of the metro’s security.

Currently, Las Vegas has a crime rate 32% higher than the national average.

Factors that cause staggering rates

Increasing crime figures are caused by many setbacks of the city. Here are some:

Las Vegas lifestyle

Dubbed as Sin City, Las Vegas features a lifestyle that is prominent of alcohol, gambling, and even drugs that could lead to different forms of crime. Usually, violence stems from arguments over drug deals, prostitution, and even theft. While these are prevalent, you cannot be ultimately involved if you stay away from them.

Gun laws

It is very easy to acquire guns in Las Vegas. While there are still laws such as background checks on gun sales and the need of a permit to carry one around, these laws are too flimsy to slip through. The October 1 Las Vegas shooting proved how simple it is for someone to buy, transport, and use guns within the city. Many concerned citizens, Las Vegas criminal attorneys, and specialists are now calling out government officials to reform Nevada’s gun laws.

Law enforcement shortage

There are approximately 632,912 people living in Las Vegas and at least 42 million tourists arrive in the city every year. These numbers cannot be accommodated by the 2,600 officers currently employed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This is one of the reasons why there is a large number of offenders and crimes in the city.

Las Vegas community action

Local enforcement of Las Vegas responds to a rampant, almost relentless number of crimes every day that many police officers fear that it is the new normal.

Just last month, at least 300 concerned citizens met with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to talk about solutions to make the community safer. All while neighborhood engagement teams and community outreaches are still going on.

If you are a victim or accused of a crime in Las Vegas

Whether you are in The Strip or other neighboring communities, crime can happen and you can either be the victim or the offender. If victimized in Las Vegas, seek help from other people or officials and make sure to follow every legal procedure. If accused of a crime, your best move is to enlist the aid of a Las Vegas criminal attorney to ensure you do not get incarcerated, especially if you are wrongly accused.

Recent statistics show how Las Vegas seems to be living up to its name as the Sin City. However, know that the community forces are doing their utmost best to make the city safe, but you should also stay vigilant as crime does not choose its victims.

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